Miguel Angelo L. Nicolelis

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Duke School of Medicine Professor in Neuroscience

Dr. Nicolelis has dedicated his career to investigating how the brains of freely behaving animals encode sensory and motor information. As a result of his studies, Dr. Nicolelis was the first to propose and demonstrate that animals and human subjects can utilize their electrical brain activity to directly control neuroprosthetic devices via brain-machine interfaces (BMI).

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Nicolelis pioneered and perfected the development of a new neurophysiological method, known today as chronic, multi-site, multi-electrode recordings. Using this approach in a variety of animal species, as well as in intra-operative procedures in human patients, Dr. Nicolelis launched a new field of investigation, which aims at measuring the concurrent activity and interactions of large populations of single neurons throughout the brain. Through his work, Dr. Nicolelis has discovered a series of key physiological principles that govern the operation of mammalian brain circuits. These findings have been reported in almost 200 peer-reviewed publications in leading journals.

Dr. Nicolelis' pioneering BMI studies have become extremely influential since they offer new potential therapies for patients suffering from severe levels of paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy. Today, numerous neuroscience laboratories in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America have incorporated Dr. Nicolelis' experimental paradigm to study a variety of mammalian neuronal systems. His research has influenced basic and applied research in computer science, robotics, and biomedical engineering.

Appointments and Affiliations
  • Duke School of Medicine Professor in Neuroscience
  • Professor of Neurobiology
  • Professor in the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Faculty Network Member of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
  • Director, Center for Neuroengineering
Contact Information:
  • Office Location: 327 E-f Bryan Res Bldg, Box 3209, Durham, NC 27710
  • Office Phone: (919) 684-4580
  • Email Address: nicoleli@neuro.duke.edu

  • Ph.D. University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1988
  • Ph.D. University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), 1988
  • M.D. University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1984
  • M.D. University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), 1984


Neural Prosthesis

Courses Taught:
  • BME 394: Projects in Biomedical Engineering (GE)
  • BME 493: Projects in Biomedical Engineering (GE)
  • BME 494: Projects in Biomedical Engineering (GE)
  • NEUROBIO 393: Research Independent Study
  • NEUROBIO 793: Research in Neurobiology
  • NEUROSCI 493: Research Independent Study 1
  • NEUROSCI 494: Research Independent Study 2
  • NEUROSCI 495: Research Independent Study 3
  • NEUROSCI 496: Research Independent Study 4

Representative Publications: (More Publications)
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